Female Chauvinist Pigs

Ariel Levy’s three videos opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many women that are “female chauvinist pigs”. There are a lot of women who over sexualize their bodies but I don’t fully understand why. I’m sure most of these women are not doing it for themselves, putting on tons of makeup and tight fitting clothes to feel pretty or good about how they look, most of them are solely doing this for attention.  I do support Ariel Levy in most of what she was saying however I do think that society today makes girls feel they have to fit a certain norm, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

 One thing that stood out to me was shaving, in American society it is taught at a young age that girls should shave, so to me and probably most women in America shaving is just something you have to do, it’s not something you do to be sexy or beautiful to me it’s just like brushing your teeth or washing your hair. Although I’m sure if I lived somewhere that shaving wasn’t a “normal” thing to do it wouldn’t bother me but because I’m a women from America it’s just something I grew up doing.

My vision of healthy and unhealthy sex culture differs from Ariel Levy’s vision in that I feel like not all women beautify themselves for men; some things are done for themselves or for societies “norms”. I do strongly agree with the points made in her “girls gone wild” video and thing girls like that give a bad reputation for women and I think men need to know the difference between a self-respecting woman and a female chauvinist pig.


Body Image Barbie

Body Image Barbie

My junior year of high school three friends and I did a project where we had to construct a figure out of tape to bring attention to a social issue. The issue we choose was body image. We decided to make a life size Barbie doll. When constructing this doll we realized how unrealistic a “Barbie figure” is. In order to make the actual figure we had to use our own bodies as a model. First we would wrap the tape around one of our bodies and because we were trying to portray a Barbie we then had to cut out pieces to make it a stick thin “Barbie-like” figure. None of the girls working on this project had serious negative body images of themselves but while making the Barbie figure it definitely made us all realize how easy it is to feel bad about the way you look .Barbie dolls are meant to be a toy for young kids and should be something fun but it actually gives them an unrealistic expectation of how people are supposed to look. Society puts so much pressure on people, especially girls, to look a certain way and doing this project really made me realize that.
Also as part of this project we printed out facts and statistics about body image and pasted them around the box we had made to put the Barbie in. Making the box definitely brought more attention to our project which was placed in our school for a week. My friends and I also decided to place our project in front of the girl’s locker room because not only would it be a place everyone could see it but it would also be somewhere that a lot of girls could be feeling bad about their bodies, gym class. The main purpose of this was to draw attention to body image and inform people that they don’t have to look like a Barbie doll to feel good about themselves. I really enjoyed doing this project and hearing people in my other classes talking about it and how it affected them, it made me realize what a prevalent issue body image had become.
(I wanted to post this as my original body image blog but it took me a while to find the pictures I had of it. And sorry this is really bad quality but it was the only who I could find. )


Body image is not actually that important to me, I do want to stay fit and be healthy but I’m comfortable with the way my body is now. I don’t personally feel pressure from society to look a certain way but for many teens particularly girls there can be a lot of pressure from society to look “perfect”. Media portrays women in a way that makes them seem flawless when in reality no one is without imperfections. Creating different standards of advertising that are more accepting of all body types would improve the self-esteem of many teens and adults; it would make them see that all people are different and there is no “perfect” way to look. For some people media does have a strong impact about how they feel about themselves. A lot of people worry if their skinny enough or if their skin and hair is “perfect” enough but really there is no “right” way to look and no one can tell you what “perfect” is. Negative body image has been becoming a more prevalent problem specifically for young girls. People of all ages, but especially teens, look up to celebrities and strive to be like them. Media alters images of these stars so much and creates a false image for young adults and teens to look up to. Body image can completely change the way a person lives there life. Although it shouldn’t matter what your like on the outside, today’s society basically revolves around looks and unfortunately makes it difficult for many youths to feel good about themselves.