Body image is not actually that important to me, I do want to stay fit and be healthy but I’m comfortable with the way my body is now. I don’t personally feel pressure from society to look a certain way but for many teens particularly girls there can be a lot of pressure from society to look “perfect”. Media portrays women in a way that makes them seem flawless when in reality no one is without imperfections. Creating different standards of advertising that are more accepting of all body types would improve the self-esteem of many teens and adults; it would make them see that all people are different and there is no “perfect” way to look. For some people media does have a strong impact about how they feel about themselves. A lot of people worry if their skinny enough or if their skin and hair is “perfect” enough but really there is no “right” way to look and no one can tell you what “perfect” is. Negative body image has been becoming a more prevalent problem specifically for young girls. People of all ages, but especially teens, look up to celebrities and strive to be like them. Media alters images of these stars so much and creates a false image for young adults and teens to look up to. Body image can completely change the way a person lives there life. Although it shouldn’t matter what your like on the outside, today’s society basically revolves around looks and unfortunately makes it difficult for many youths to feel good about themselves.


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