Body Image Barbie

Body Image Barbie

My junior year of high school three friends and I did a project where we had to construct a figure out of tape to bring attention to a social issue. The issue we choose was body image. We decided to make a life size Barbie doll. When constructing this doll we realized how unrealistic a “Barbie figure” is. In order to make the actual figure we had to use our own bodies as a model. First we would wrap the tape around one of our bodies and because we were trying to portray a Barbie we then had to cut out pieces to make it a stick thin “Barbie-like” figure. None of the girls working on this project had serious negative body images of themselves but while making the Barbie figure it definitely made us all realize how easy it is to feel bad about the way you look .Barbie dolls are meant to be a toy for young kids and should be something fun but it actually gives them an unrealistic expectation of how people are supposed to look. Society puts so much pressure on people, especially girls, to look a certain way and doing this project really made me realize that.
Also as part of this project we printed out facts and statistics about body image and pasted them around the box we had made to put the Barbie in. Making the box definitely brought more attention to our project which was placed in our school for a week. My friends and I also decided to place our project in front of the girl’s locker room because not only would it be a place everyone could see it but it would also be somewhere that a lot of girls could be feeling bad about their bodies, gym class. The main purpose of this was to draw attention to body image and inform people that they don’t have to look like a Barbie doll to feel good about themselves. I really enjoyed doing this project and hearing people in my other classes talking about it and how it affected them, it made me realize what a prevalent issue body image had become.
(I wanted to post this as my original body image blog but it took me a while to find the pictures I had of it. And sorry this is really bad quality but it was the only who I could find. )


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