“So a Girl Walks Into a Comedy Club”

I think the women acted reasonably when she left after being verbally harassed however I do not think she should have said anything in the first place. Although rape jokes can be very offensive and I do personally find them offensive there are so many other issues that are made into jokes and there is really no stopping them.  I personally wouldn’t have said anything because I feel like it wouldn’t be the right time and place. Maybe after the show I would confront the comedian or the manager and explain how offensive a joke like that can be but I wouldn’t have interrupted. I think the women should have just got up and left if it offended her that much. However after Daniel Tosh began to verbally harass her she had every right to stand up for herself. The fact that he would try to make another joke after someone expressed their feeling about how offended they were is appalling

Jokes can definitely contribute to a societal attitude about a topic. Making a joke of something is a way to lighten up a subject and make less of it. I believe that many of today’s comedians play off of offensives jokes and unfortunately do not realize how hurtful they can be to some people. I also think that there are just certain subjects that should not be made into jokes, such as rape. Not only can these jokes be offensive but they can also make the victims of these jokes feel as if what they went through isn’t that big of a deal when in reality it is life altering.

The joke itself doesn’t really implicate a more serious problem but the comedian’s response to the women does. Instead of apologizing he made yet another offensive joke about rape. He made this women feel inferior and embarrassed in front of a crowd of people, so much so that she felt she had to get up and leave. The comedian’s insinuations of gang rape left this women fearful and I personally think it was demanding to all women, saying that it would be “funny if she got raped”, if I were there I would have got up and left with her and I’d hope other people would follow too.


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