Domestic Violence-Rihanna and Chris Brown

When I first heard about the high profile violence case with Chris Brown and Rihanna I was shocked. Chris Brown had allegedly beaten Rihanna leaving her with bruises, bite marks, and a bloody face. Pictures of Rihanna’s battered face flooded the internet and news channels, this case became very public but some of the details remained unclear. Weeks after the incident reporters said they knew that it was definitely Chris Brown who committed this horrible act of violence. What really surprised me the most with this case was the fact that Rihanna and Chris began dating again after all of this had happened.

                At first I did have sympathy for Rihanna because even if she tried to defend herself Chris was obviously much stronger and could do much more damage to her then she could ever have done to him. I also felt bad for Rihanna because this case became so public and it was such a personal matter. However I lost all sympathy for her when she forgave Chris Brown and it frustrates me that she would be in a relationship with him again after what he did. I just cannot understand how anyone, man or woman, could forgive and feel safe around someone that so violently beat them.

                If I could say anything to either of them it would be “why?”. For Chris it would be, why did you do this, what makes you think that was okay, and why are you back in a relationship with someone that got you so angry to the point you became violent? And my questions for Rihanna is why would you go back with someone that beat you and why do you think he won’t do something like this again?


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