Human Trafficking


Human trafficking affects thousands of people each year. It mostly affects women but there are tons of male victims too. Human trafficking can also affect people of all different ages, as young as three years old. The subject of human trafficking is one that can really create a knot in your stomach. It sickens me to think of how young and innocent these victims are and how tortured their lives become.

Human trafficking is something that has been around for years and is not something that I believe would be easy to stop. I do not think that it could ever truly be solved. Even if it were to be “stopped”, it would just be hidden from the public; I think it would still go on behind closed doors. I think forming a global alliance could definitely help the situation but unfortunately I do not think it could fully stop it from happening. We can prevent trafficking by enforcing current laws or creating new ones but there does not really seem to be anyway to stop what happens behind closed doors. I think girls need to know that there is help for them; they do not need to listen to the men or even women who control them.


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