Menstruation and periods is something that really doesn’t bother me at all to talk about today but when I was younger it freaked me out. I feel like I have always known about periods and can’t really remember the first time I heard about them. I became a competitive dancer when I was nine years old and our team was like a family, the older girls would talk about their periods all the time so it was normal for the younger girls to hear about. Even though I heard people talking about their periods all the time I was still scared to get mine because I was my dad’s little girl and didn’t what to grow up (but mostly because I thought my dad couldn’t handle it).

 Because I was very active it affected my period, I first got mine in eighth grade and it was never regular. For the first two years I had my period, it was terrible. I suffered from migraines previously, which only got worse the week of my period. I also would get terrible pains; I had cramps, back pain, even pain down my legs. For a while I just would deal with the pain, usually staying home from school and just laying around on the worst days, but eventually I told my mother about the leg pain I was experiencing and the excruciating cramps and she took me to a doctor. I had blood work done and it turned out I had a blood deficiency called, Von Willebrands Disease that was adding to the pain I was experiencing. This disease is a common hereditary disease and affects a factor in blood. The factor that’s missing does not allow your blood to clot properly and causes excessive bleeding. Both men and women can have this deficiency but women often experience more symptoms from it because of their periods. Once I found out what the problem was I was put on two medications, one for the disease to try and help the blood factor and birth control to help regulate my period. Today I am still on those medications and they have helped 100%. The pain I used to get reduced so much that I sometimes do not even get cramps at all, usually the only reason I know I’m going to be getting my period is because my emotions are off the wall. Sometimes I catch myself getting overly sensitive or angry at something for absolutely no reason but I guess that just comes with being a girl.


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