The TIME magazine cover “Are you Mom Enough?”, shows a women breastfeeding a child. This does not depict breastfeeding in the typical way. The women is standing with her hands on her hips and the child is a boy, probably around four years old, standing on a stool to reach his mother’s breast. In my opinion this is a negative representation of women. The mother is not breast feeding in a nurturing way she is exposing most of her chest and the child she is breast feeding is old enough to walk, which in my opinion means he is old enough to eat on his own. Dr. Sears could be anti-feminist but I am not sure this ad was meant to depict her as being anti-feminist. I do not think you are a better mother if you practice attached parenting, what makes someone a good mother is the way they treat their child, I don’t think it has to do with whether or not that child was breast fed. I think the main thing that is not being said is that mother’s “should” practice attached parenting and that they would be “better” mothers if they did.


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